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Yard Sign - Susan Hartley for Santa Monica City Council

Susan Will Listen to Residents

Susan Supports:

  • Limiting growth, height and density
  • Protecting existing housing supply including rent control units
  • Preserving and improving city trees, parks and beaches
  • Preserving the integrity of the 3rd Street Historic District
  • Decreasing traffic, improving parking, encouraging biking
  • Curtailing fumes and noise at Santa Monica Airport
  • Closing Santa Monica Airport in 2015
  • Continued funding to support excellence in our schools and equal educational opportunity
  • Fiscal discipline rather than increasing taxes

Enough is Enough:

  • Over 9,000,000 square feet of commercial development between 1980 and 2007
  • LUCE plans for many more 6 to 9 story buildings
  • Traffic gridlock, parking problems
  • Tree destruction, beach degradation
  • Airport pollution
  • Residents are ignored

Susan Hartley, Attorney-at-Law, is founder of Santa Monica Tenants’ Rights Clinic

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